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story of a house

June 3, 2009

i just love this series of houses… it is true that every home has its own story – a story about the memories hung along its walls, about the people that call it home, about the love that surrounds it. Jamie Heiden (busy time of year) has captured a piece of this last year in her house series – a house is more than a mortgage, a paycheck for wall street or a statistic for selling prices. it’s a home. i hope that you enjoy each story and that the smile they gave me finds its way to you.

2009-06 House purple
“Saturday’s House…
Belongs to Tony, Timmy, Teddy, Tommy, Mr. & Mrs. Tivoli
and little Bethanne. It is filled with late mornings, cartoons, pizza, movies and
afternoon naps. Here, time is your own and tomorrow is always a day away.”

2009-06 House weird
“Wednesday’s House…
Belongs to Wally Fiddleton.
The townspeople call him Weird Wally just like the kids back in school did.
Weird is unique, weird is special his mother always said.
Weird lives on top of the hill above the rest, not to look down on them
but to see out over their heads.”

2009-06 House old lady
“Monday’s House…
Belongs to Old Mrs. Horstman.
She goes by her nickname Neddie and makes the best apple pies in town.
She just celebrated her 90th birthday but strangely seems younger now.
She moves slowly but with purpose as she has a list of things to do…
but she’s always willing to sit and talk a while when that’s needed too.”

2009-06 House sunday
“Sunday’s House…
Belongs to Ms. Ella and her dog Sam. She is simple and he is fair.
They always make room for visitors, of that you are now aware.
The door is always open, to come and go as you please.
And they always show compassion whether you ask standing or on your knees.”

images/jaime heiden (busy time of year)

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