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June 8, 2009

this weekend my husband and i drove up to northern california (8 hrs of road trippin’ fun!!) for my sister’s high school graduation. it was great to be there and we enjoyed watching the ceremony because a few things were said about each graduate as their names were called – one of the benefits of graduating from a smaller school! as a graduation gift, i put a unique and personal twist on the traditional graduate book of life quotes. my sister loved it, although she did call me a stalker since i had taken photos from her myspace page in order to make it! (i also took some of her favorite quotes from there too and used them in the book)… here’s a peek at a few of the pages:

Katlyn Grad
{this is the cover}

Katlyn Grad5

Katlyn Grad13
{my brother has the scariest face in this photo but it’s hilarious!}

Katlyn Grad18

Katlyn Grad19

Katlyn Grad24
{and this is the back cover of the book – a perfect ending i thought!}

i used photoshop to apply a poster effect to each photo to make the book a little more interesting and fun. and i used Blurb to publish the book – i absolutely L.O.V.E. this publishing company… it’s affordable, easy to use, offers a lot of layout options and even the ability to import your own designs (which is what i did). i designed the pages in adobe indesign, exported the book as a separate jpeg file for each page (when you choose to export the book as a jpeg it automatically numbers each file to correspond to the order of your pages – this makes it so easy!) and then imported them into Blurb’s book formatting program (which automatically puts them in the correct order since the files are numbered in the order you want – again, so easy!!). from there i chose the full picture layout page and added each jpeg to a page. voila! the perfect graduation gift!

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  1. June 9, 2009 9:05 am

    Wow your book turned out great! What a thoughtful gift that your sister will cherish forever.

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