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a pet peeve

July 23, 2009

i don’t like to eat fruit that is bruised or scratched or smooshed or otherwise imperfect. i spend far too many minutes of my life pouring over the fruit bins in the grocery store, inspecting each piece and trying to find the ones that are the survivors {my patient husband can attest to this – his minutes are spent waiting for me as i do this}. i should love and appreciate the tough journey that those bumped and bruised fruits have undergone, but i can’t let go of my pet peeve.

I can’t do it.


i just can’t.

and so when i came across this little apple jacket today, i thought what a perfect invention – i feel like it was made just for me! i may be a bit crazy, but i can’t be the only one if there is a market for knit apple jackets, right?
{this makes me feel better}

2009-07 apple jacket
{ image/ handa made }

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