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recap of a perfect weekend:

August 10, 2009

Dana Point Ocean

we’ve had a crazy summer so far – it’s been a lot of fun going to so many places every weekend. a lot of fun. but it’s also been a little bit tiring… and nothing is better than a weekend of quiet at home after months of on-the-go busy. this weekend was the definition of perfection and we appreciated every moment of it.

dana point walk

we had a date night (which has been seriously overdue) and wanted to do something a little different. so we decided to try out a ‘treasure hunt’ – the problem was that we didn’t know what we were looking for or exactly where to find it… (small details!) needless to say we didn’t find anything. but we had a lot of fun, got some exercise and snapped some beautiful sunset photos. mission accomplished as far as i’m concerned…

dana point walk shadows

we don’t venture down to dana point much, so it was nice spending some time wandering around and seeing new places. a co-worker of brian’s recommended that we eat dinner at bella napoli… we love italian food but have never fallen head over heels for a place. we shared a fresh tomato focaccia loaf and lasagna and it was incredible – i’m still craving it! this is hands down a new favorite for us and we don’t have many restaurants that reach that kind of status. and the ambience is so cute… it’s a little hole in the wall place with charming scenes of Italy painted on the wall. go there – it won’t disappoint you.

us at dinner

park landscape

the icing on my cupcake was an evening yoga session (LOVE lululemon for offering so many free classes this summer!) on the beach at dana point state park… it was a perfect and peaceful end to a very refreshing weekend. i couldn’t have asked for more and it made it a little easier to start the work week!

i hope that your weekend was equally as wonderful…

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