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my dreamy weekend: catch a falling star

September 18, 2009

2009-09 dreamy weekend slumber
{ images/ 1 (and all others not numbered). smashmydreamoflove; 2. fernandadesu; 3. buttonmooon }

you know the place where dreaming and waking meet? that is where i’m going to spend my weekend… in that lovely limbo of quiet, beautiful, magical contentment….

and it’s ok to spend an entire day in bed if you’ve made it into a fort – especially if you’ve sprinkled twinkle lights in your sheets to make the fort (those are the best type, you know)….

now it’s time to wish you a lovely weekend so that i can snuggle deep into my sheets, sip on sweet chamomile tea and watch my dreams dance around me…

…may you catch a falling star and keep it in your slumber…

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