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is it possible to leave my heart in italy?

October 20, 2009

even if i’ve never been there? it’s no secret that i love jenifer altman’s photographs of italy – remember her la dulce luce collection? if only i could crawl into each of her photos and wander the beautiful streets, basking in the warm afternoon sun and enjoying a glass of wine with a slice of cheesy delicious pizza…. le sigh.
2009-10 altman little italy book
so anyway, she has a new collection out – little italy – and it’s brimming with black and white polaroids. yes, polaroids. and yup, in black and white.

and it gets better. the above photo is actually the cover of a book she is selling and it includes some of her work from the la dulce luce collection!!

but what really took my breath away was this:
2009-10 altman calendar

i’ve been searching awhile now for the perfect calendar to ring in 2010… and the search is over! i desparately want this beautiful little calendar adorning my desk and since she is offering a free calendar (free!) with every purchase of her book, I may just have to buy her book… although i may never get anything done again because i’ll be lost in its pages no doubt…

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